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Monitor Your Water System from Anywhere with HydroLink® Technology

Healthier water delivered through a home water solution does require some minor monitoring. And while what needs to be monitored isn’t difficult, water softeners and refinement systems are intentionally placed in out-of-the-way areas, like a basement or a garage. As a result, a lot of people often forget to check on them for long periods of time — out of sight, out of mind, right? But if your salt levels get low, or if you experience bridging or blockages, your appliance can become damaged. …That’s why EcoWater customers love our uniquely advanced HydroLink® technology.

Remote monitoring for anytime reassurance

With HydroLink from EcoWater, you can easily have all the information you need to monitor your home water solution with ease. And it’s more than monitoring — you can actually control your water treatment system too.

For example, with the HydroLink patented, remote-connected condition/refiner, you get two-way remote technology to control and monitor our Series 3700 products (including the optional reverse osmosis system) from within your own home. It can do so many things: warn you about low salt levels, alert you when there’s an error code in your system, remind you when your conditioner/refiner should be serviced and more. The remote can be connected to up to four systems, and you can even initiate regeneration!

Stop problems before they start

HydroLink’s monitoring capabilities help you observe potential issues before they become expensive problems. This will add longevity to your home water solution equipment, saving you time and money while avoiding hassles. You purchased your conditioner/refinement products to ensure you and your family had access to the best water — don’t risk damaging them through inaction.

The HydroLink Plus® system:
take monitoring even further

Like the original HydroLink technology, HydroLink Plus enables you to monitor your water with ease. Because this advanced version works with WiFi-connected conditioners, refiners and filters, your monitoring capabilities extend to anywhere you happen to have WiFi or a signal for your smartphone. It is designed alert you in a variety of ways, such as through email, text, our secure website or through our convenient app.

What’s more, HydroLink Plus can be programmed to send alerts and important diagnostic information directly to your local EcoWater professional. This way, you know you have the most knowledgeable people in the business keeping tabs on your home water system, ready to spring into action to provide the appropriate service or maintenance whenever they’re needed.

It is designed to notify you of a variety of situations that need to be addressed. You’ll know if there’s too much water going to drain, if you need to add more salt to your conditioner/refiner, if your water has flowed for an oddly long amount of time, if there’s a system error, if your system needs servicing and more. It even has a water meter that allows for chemical feed dosing, flow switch operation and water use information.

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